The KatDen Music Band began as a mere musical concept back in the early 70’s. Both members, Kat on Vocals and Dennis on Vocals / Guitar, were influenced by families who sang and played at home and in church back in their early childhoods. Dennis was playing both acoustic and electric guitars by the time he was in his early twenties, and Kat has been passionate about singing since she was a little girl performing in family gatherings such as reunions, birthdays, etc.

Dennis has had a dream of playing on stage since he heard his first live band at the age 15. However, life, child rearing, and providing for his family came first; and for that he has no regrets. Now he has the time to pursue his dream.

Kat, who has been his wife for many years, makes this possible, by bringing her strong vocals to the stage. Kat’s style is influenced by early Rock & Blues, and people have told her that they have heard hints if such artists as Janis Joplin, Etta James, Emilu Harris, and Stevie Nicks in her songs. But when Kat steps up to the microphone she sings in a voice that is uniquely her own. She seems to sing from a place that many other singers never touch.

Together this couple compliments each other on stage in a way that allows you to not only feel good about them, but to feel good about yourself as well. As they say and believe, “It’s all about the music”.

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